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Ladies...Please take heed!!

To all the desperate women out there: Stop it. You're making it hard for the rest of us. I'm tired of encountering men who seem to believe all they have to do is look good, have a degree and smile to have my panties fall off.I'm tired of the men who's first question seems to be: Can you to cook? To which I reply: Yes. I can. But I won't be doing it for you. I'm tired of the men who call at all times of night, asking to come over and "chill" as I let them know that it's too late to be at my crib and what ever "chilling" they want to do can be done between the hours of 9 and 10. Or how about the men who don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of but seem to think it's their right in life to have a "dime." And that my extra fly ass should be grateful that they even said hello to me and can't possibly understand why I'm not leaping up and down at the prospect of being with them.And please, don't

Lil Wayne Vs. The LA Crips

Homie doing the narration is a cutie... Today's lesson for rappers: Fake Thuggery never pays!! Originally seen on

iPhone UH OH!!

From NEW YORK (AP) -- The launch of Apple Inc.'s much-anticipated new iPhone turned into an information-technology meltdown on Friday, as customers were unable to get their phones working. ''It's such grief and aggravation,'' said Frederick Smalls, an insurance broker in Whitman, Mass., after spending two hours on the phone with Apple and AT&T Inc., trying to get his new iPhone to work. In stores, people waited at counters to get the phones activated, as lines built behind them. Many of the customers had already camped out for several hours in line to become among the first with the new phone, which updates the one launched a year ago by speeding up Internet access and adding a navigation chip. A spokesman for AT&T, the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in the U.S., said there was a global problem with Apple's iTunes servers that prevented the phones from being fully activated in-store, as had been planned. Instead, employees

Sounds like Stalking to me...

Britney Spears is said to be planning a move to New York City -- so she can be closer to ex-hubby Kevin Federline. According to Life and Style, Brit is doing whatever she can to stay close to the couple's sons *yeah right* -- including heading to the Big Apple, where K-Fed is pursuing work on Broadway. *I had heard Kevin’s nickname is “Meatpole”, Brit can’t just leave it alone, huh*

Jesus Take the WHOLE DAMN car!!

Here's Khia on the set of her new video "Be Your Lady" Ladies DON'T HATE!! We can all only HOPE to be as ____________ as Khia.

Congrats, Too Bad, & Thats Just Sad...

CONGRATS!!! Erykah Badu and rapper Jay Electronica are expecting. This will be Erykah's 3rd child and baby daddy. Ludacris signed a MULTI-MILLION dollar endorsement deal with AT&T, making him the 1st rapper to work with the company. *stuffs a sock in Bill O'Reilly's mouth* Luda will be in online & TV ads for the company. TOO BAD Jennifer Lopez is shutting down her restaurant Madre's "until further notice" to focus on being a madre * but I had heeeeeeeaaaaaaaard that it's going out of business because the employee's were robbing her blind...could this be Karma for firing her ex-husband Ojani Noa who was the manager?! hmmmmmmmmm* Just Sad... * Pathetic actually *rolls eyes** Last month Brooke Hogan told her daddy The Hulkster she wasnt happy with her breast implants. Hulk agreed saying they weren't perky enough for a girl her age *not that a 19 year old girl usually has perky NATURAL breasts or anything like that* and bought her a


Welcome to Bubblin's Blog!! I'm glad you stopped by I will be posting pictures, videos, and the most dirty low down nasty gossip about your favorite stars that I can find...Of course, I'll post the good stuff too!! You're comments are welcomed and read- just dont be too outlandish cuz mama ain't havin' it! LOL Thanks to Lilia for FINALLY setting this up!! *hides* Now homies and homettes- LET'S BLOG!!