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Congrats, Too Bad, & Thats Just Sad...

Erykah Badu and rapper Jay Electronica are expecting. This will be Erykah's 3rd child and baby daddy.

Ludacris signed a MULTI-MILLION dollar endorsement deal with AT&T, making him the 1st rapper to work with the company. *stuffs a sock in Bill O'Reilly's mouth* Luda will be in online & TV ads for the company.

Jennifer Lopez is shutting down her restaurant Madre's "until further notice" to focus on being a madre *but I had heeeeeeeaaaaaaaard that it's going out of business because the employee's were robbing her blind...could this be Karma for firing her ex-husband Ojani Noa who was the manager?! hmmmmmmmmm*

Just Sad...

*Pathetic actually *rolls eyes**

Last month Brooke Hogan told her daddy The Hulkster she wasnt happy with her breast implants. Hulk agreed saying they weren't perky enough for a girl her age *not that a 19 year old girl usually has perky NATURAL breasts or anything like that* and bought her a new set on June 30th. Brooke's VH1 show "Brooke Knows Best" premieres this sunday.

After 12 years Jon & Patsy Ramsey have been cleared in the death of their daughter JonBenet. According to the district attorney, DNA evidence not only cleared the parents and her older brother but pointed to an unidentified outsider. Unfortunately, Patsy didn't live to see her exoneration. She died in 2006 of ovarian cancer.

That's what I had heard & now YOU know ;-)


  1. Perhaps Madre's is closing because the food is horrible, overpriced and the wait staff are slow morons... just saying. PLUS is way the fuck out in Pasadena... 20 miles - or 1 hour from LA.


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