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Bubblin News Brief 8.5.08

Witnesses say Turks & Caicos premiere Micheal Misick and Rocsi from 106 & Park were seen cuddled up at the T&C music festival over the weekend. Only problem with that he’s still married to Lisa Raye!! Diamond was in Atlanta and New York partying this weekend while Rocsi was up in her house hosting guests and having dinners like she was the first lady. Previously, Mike was accused of rape and it was alleged that Rocsi was the accuser but nothing ever came of that.
Run-D-M-C's Reverend Run and wife Justine Simmons' new book, Take Back Your Family: A Challenge to America's Parents, hits bookstores tomorrow. The book is a tool for parents for keeping their marriages and families intact. is reporting Da Brat is headed to the pokey. In November 2007 Da Brat was charged with aggravated assault for playing baseball with a rum bottle and a waitress head at jermaine dupri’s nightclub. Shawntae, that’s what her mama call her, has agreed to a plea deal that may land her in the jail for a year.

Chris Brown has teamed with New Era Cap to design a line of branded caps. On sale at hat retailers on August 14th, each of Brown's six designs will sell for 35 to 40 bucks. Brown sported the caps in the videos for his hits "Kiss Kiss," "Run It!" and "Wall to Wall" prior to the deal.

I had heeeeeard that Jessica Simpson performs for her man Tony Romo totally nude via webcam. Sources say it’s something she started while dating John Mayer and she has no problem showing tony her favorite pussycat dolls routine dancing completely nude until he’s *ahem* happy.


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Today I had a conversation about the rape scene in “For Colored Girls” which led to a discussion about my experience with being attacked by a man. I was not raped but I was attacked. I have no problem talking about what happened or the fact that I took him back after the assault – that’s a different discussion- my issue is I became the person being questioned. Why didn’t you hit him back? Why didn’t you run? Why didn’t you call the police? Why didn’t you scream? Why did you take him back? And then they tell me what THEY would’ve done, when the truth is NO ONE knows what they would do until it happens. For me, in that moment, I understood why women don’t fight back, scream, call the police, or do anything. When a person is filled with enough rage to attack you they become unstoppable! If you don’t have the same rage when fighting back you will certainly lose. In these cases, when attacked by someone you love, you wonder why and you become more

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