Lil Miss Bankruptcy?!

Rihanna's now ex-business manager Patricia Willliams has been recently fired as she says "for no good reason, all in ignorance" and is "livid" with Rihanna & her management company Rebel One's decision to fire her. Rihanna recently met with Willliams to check on her accounting affairs and was shocked to see that almost all her money was missing. She instantly accused Willliams of "stealing her money." According to Patricia, Rhi Rhi is missing money becuz she doesn’t know she’s spending it. To make a long story short, all of Rhianna’s fantasticness (image, videos, & albums) are being funded by …well…Rhianna. Def Jam hasn’t put a lot of money into her albums which haven’t sold as well as “The Matrix” would have you believe so most of the money for her videos & albums come from her sponsorships(i.e. Samsung, Cover Girl, etc..) but never see her designer purse. Williams estimates Rhianna’s value at around $20,000.

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