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Shots Fired!!

Jermaine Dupri and Diddy were getting their super mogul on when someone decided to pop off. Diddy's security sprung into action so fast he didnt have a chance to put down his bottle of champagne.

I bet it was one of the people from Ciroc. Sean John got a milli a milli a milli for that deal and he still ain't drinkin it!

Gabrielle Union and Larenz Tate...yeah Old Dog...headed for the door too

Photos by Prince William/
UPDATE FROM TMZ: According to law enforcement sources, things got violent when club patrons heard private security hired to work inside the club were double charging people to get into the VIP area *don't knock the hustle* -- where stars like Usher, Diddy and Nelly were partying.Cops say pushing and shoving broke out, and as the masses were being thrown outside, that's when a shot rang out. A security guard was treated for a shot in the arm, but has already been released from the hospital.The investigation is still ongoing and no celebrities or their entourage are part of the investigation. So far no arrests have been made.

BUT SANDRA ROSE SAYS: Ignore those exaggerated claims about shots being fired at Jermaine Dupri’s Welcome To Atlanta extravaganza last night. From what I understand, it wasn’t even a gunshot - just a balloon or a Champagne cork poppin’. Once everything calmed down though, the party continued until 4 AM.


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