Lynne Spears Spills It

Lynne spears, mom to Britney & Jamie Lynn, dishes the dirt in her tell-all book. Lynne says Brit started drinking at 13, hunching at 14, and snorting coke at 15!! Britney was 14 dating an 18-yr old football player at her high school, mom says she encouraged the relationship thinking it would make Britney more popular. Brit started spending more time at his house and that’s where she lost her innocence. A few months later, Britney couldn't handle the demands of doing the "Mickey Mouse Club" and launching a recording career -- so she dropped out of school. Lynne was with her while she was finishing her first album and recalls and episode where she found a full bag of cocaine and some weed in Brit’s purse while she was in the bathroom. She now "regrets" not taking it away from her...

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