Ne-Yo Cashes In On Kellz

Ne-Yo is getting paid for being dropped from the Double Up tour last year. A Los Angeles judge has ordered R. Kelly’s promoter, Rowe Entertainment, to pay Shaffer $700,320. Ne-yo supposed to earn $785,000 for the 25 city tour but he was fired after the second show. Rowe entertainment refused to respond to the lawsuit and the judge found in Ne-Yo’s favor.

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  1. My boy C-Hyphen put me onto the whole R.Kelly/Ne-Yo lawsuit over on Highbrid Nation and I kinda wanted to just see what others were saying.

    It seems to me that Ne-Yo was better off getting kicked off the tour. Got all the money and didn't have to work for it. But what's with Kelly? How come this guy is always having issues on tours. Remembers the mace in the eyes things when he was on tour with Jay-Z?