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At least we wont have to wonder anymore ladies ... and some gentlemen


Today Gatorade kicked Tiger Woods to the curb. A spokeswoman for the company said: "We no longer see a role for Tiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship, we wish him all the best." Accenture & AT&T previously ended their endorsement deals with the golf superstar. Gatorade will continue its partnership with the charitable Tiger Woods Foundation.

DOPE- The Newton Watch

Digital A nalog Cop one for you or your best friend

Streets & Young Deuces- Mad Flavor

If you know me, you know I support about 3 independent artists... groups included... the rest of em can take a long walk off a reeeeally short bridge. However, I was Nicki Minaj'ed & Drake'd out recently, not even satellite radio or my Zune (F*CKYOIPOD) could give me refuge from the wackness that has cloaked Hip Hop nowadays. Whilst on twitter ...cuz thats where I live... I saw my homie Young Deuces, not I've been flickin YD & his movement off for years... its become a game to us: YD: Bubbz let me get some feed back on this joint Me: Hell naw! Scram YD: You're a hater old lady! Me: and damn proud of it sucka! and then we laugh & laugh... So when I asked YD to send me a track to free me from the f*ckery of the music industry he sent me a video for their record "Cop A Squat" which will have me side eye'ing him for the rest of his life & his groups 1st sangle "Mad Flavor", which I find to be pretty bump worthy. So I told

2010 NBA All-Star Weekend

Hey fam, I know I've been M.I.A but I've been working... can you believe it?!! Anywho, I had the opportunity to be a part of this years NBA All-Star weekend in Dallas, TX!! Fun right?! Kinda!! Wanna hear about it? Here it go! I arrived in Dallas a day before my gig started with the NBA, I put together some cute outfits and even bought a dress so I looked like I had some kind of sense because I knew I'd be in the presence of Dignitaries & government officials as well as actors, athletes, & rappers. Much to my dismay before I went to bed it started snowing But I figured "Hey, I'm in Dallas, it'll melt by the morning"... I couldn't have been more wronger!! YES I SAID WRONG-ER!!! This is what I woke up to What the crap?!! Especially since I had to drive 45 minutes away in a city I knew nothing about. Tell ya what I know now... Dallas doesnt have plows or salt trucks, so if you must visit, check them out during the spring or summer. Anywho, my


Not a Laker hater ... just not a Kobe fan so I enjoyed this IMMENSELY!! Ronny Turiaf blocks Kobe Bryant's dunk and the broadcaster calls it the "Best block of THE YEAR" *evil laugh* LMAO @ Ronny Turiaf's smirk!!

They Said It Wouldnt Last

...And it didnt... People Magazine is reporting that Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney's little sister) has left her baby daddy and fiance, Casey Aldridge. Not one to waste time, 18 year old Jamie packed up her 19 month old daughter, Maddie, and moved in with her new boyfriend, 28 year old, James Watson. Mr. Watson owns a multimedia company *cough* Cricket store *cough* near Kentwood, La- Jamie's hometown. Mr. Watson is a full 10 years older than this girl... he needs to be arrested SMH

Snookin for Love

Photo by Scott Gries/Picture Group FINALLY!! My favorite Guidette Snooki is boo'd up! Snooki is supposedly dating a body builder... you know she loves the juicehead gorillas and she brought him to the Superbowl. Snooks says, "We're the sexiest couple I have ever seen in my entire life so I am excited for everybody to see that." Congrats Snooks!! After the way she struck out...all summer... on NATIONAL TV she deserves to get some ;-)


Congrats to the New Orleans Saints for winning the Superbowl beating the Indianapolis Colts 31-17!! Just in time for the celebration, here's Reggie Bush's new ad for the Got Milk campaign. Mmmm Mmm Mmmm Milk & all that chocolate! ... I need a moment...

Twit of the Day

"You need some holy water & a degree to to fight the demon that is Nicki Minaj" - RonnieNotch

Hell AND YES!!!

This is Mehcad Brooks- you may know him from "True Blood" on HBO & "The Deep End" on ABC, I remember him from "Desperate Housewives" (a.k.a Mah Bitches)- Well Mehcad is the new drawz model for Calvin Klein and this does nothing but prove that God truly does love women.. Did I mention HELL YES!! Mmmm mmm mmmm... Imma need a moment... alone

So Over It

While I am a big fan of Robin Thicke's fineness, I'm pretty much over his vocals... he must be enrolled in the Mariah Carey "Mic Humping Vocalization" classes he sounds like he needs and inhaler not a microphone... As for Nicki Minaj... did this bitch say "Ba ba ba ba TESTICLES"?!! UUUGGGHH!!! If you missed it here they are on David Letterman... yes... David Letterman *rolls eyes*

Unforgettable INDEED!!

Just when I was about to say "F*ck the gym" & reach for another bag of chips. This biddy sashays her ass in with the motivation. Natalie Cole celebrated her 60th birthday last night looking all kinds of HOT FIYAH!! *No Dylan* As you may remember Ms. Cole had a a kidney transplant last year after overcoming a serious drug addiction. Standing ovay lady!! WORK!!


Its our fault, not hers. Well, probably more yours than mine because I am not a fan, then again I'm blogging about her so I guess I'm part of the problem too. At any rate, some people get money & a gaggle of "Yes" people and just feel they can do whatever. It has been reported that Rihanna gets paid upwards of $100,000 to sit front row @ fashion shows & since you all keep buying her records she keeps performing and here is where it all goes bad.... Now I get it ... I really do... she's fashion forward ...avant garde... haute couture & all that other bullshit at the same time I don't understand. Is this revenge for Bey stealing the the troops from the "Hard" video? We all know onesies are Beys thing. But before that ... During her rehearsal for the performance, Rih rubbed one out onstage. Didnt Beyonce do that @ the Grammys? In a dress, that Rhianna wore in a magazine. What the crap is going on ladies? And whats with all the crotc

Shaggin In Dallas

Being I am a northern girl, I am always bewildered by other customs, styles, & rituals. I live in Houston but I don't understand the attraction of "syrup" & in Dallas "The Shag" has always befuddled me. Luckily, while on assignment in Dallas, I ran across a young man with a shag so I asked him about it... Untitled from Cristal Bubblin on Vimeo .

I'm So Tired

Now see... this shit right here... what... WHY?!!! It's going to look even worse when he's 60