Streets & Young Deuces- Mad Flavor

If you know me, you know I support about 3 independent artists... groups included... the rest of em can take a long walk off a reeeeally short bridge. However, I was Nicki Minaj'ed & Drake'd out recently, not even satellite radio or my Zune (F*CKYOIPOD) could give me refuge from the wackness that has cloaked Hip Hop nowadays.

Whilst on twitter ...cuz thats where I live... I saw my homie Young Deuces, not I've been flickin YD & his movement off for years... its become a game to us:

YD: Bubbz let me get some feed back on this joint
Me: Hell naw! Scram
YD: You're a hater old lady!
Me: and damn proud of it sucka!
and then we laugh & laugh...

So when I asked YD to send me a track to free me from the f*ckery of the music industry he sent me a video for their record "Cop A Squat" which will have me side eye'ing him for the rest of his life & his groups 1st sangle "Mad Flavor", which I find to be pretty bump worthy. So I told him if I liked it I'd post it so my whole legion of 7 readers can experience the genius of Streets & Young Deuces.


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