Review: Repo Men

This movie is chock full of WHAT THE F*CK?!!!

Jude Law and Forrest Whitaker play friends since elementary school who work as Repo Men for The Union. The Union supplies new or refurbished body parts to those in need for an ASStronomincal price. Much like cars or homes, if you miss payments on your body part the Repo Men come to collect. Jude Law is under pressure from his wife to move to the safer sales department while his buddy Forrest Whitaker wants to keep their dreamteam going in the more lucrative repo department.

All is well until the employee becomes a customer. What follows is a trip into the body part black market, complete with blood, guts, a 9 year old surgeon, and the most sensual yet disgusting make-out scene EVER!!!

There's alot of social commentary in this movie if you want to get deep but I dont sooooo....

The movie kept my attention and had me peeking through my hands at points… but I’m skurry! It’s more sci-fi than horror and has a good amount of comedy & romance. The end leaves you wondering and kind of hoping for a sequel.

Bubbz Says: Check it out if you're into Sci-Fi, conspiracy theories, & Wu-Tang Clan- I'd give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Directors Cut Trailer


Men & Women


Another Day In The Life

In the country... pollen flying everywhere... asthma attacking...making great TV with a GREAT crew & having a blast!!


I swear weird sh*t finds me & no one else. I need witnesses to this f*ckery so i snap a pic when I can so I can look at it later to make sure I'm not crazy.

Allow me to share:

I'm in the drive-thru, crackhead looks in window asking for money. I wave him away, he leaves- comes back, bends down & read the plate on this BMW. Thats his blue hat... O_o

I have no clue who this is but he was GETTING IT IN!! I had to stop mid chest press to stare in awe while he finished his reps.

This is the Gecko that comes out every year around this time to torment me. I'm terrified of animals especially the lizardy kind. However, Mr. Gecko doesn't have a fear of people. He chills on the door, window, wherever & when you come near he just stares.
Ladies & Gentlemen: Meet "Gully The Gecko"

This sign is on the wall in the Sheriffs office as they walk out to their patrol cars. Don't ask me HOW I got the picture, just enjoy the picture. YOU'RE WELCOME!!

The Live Action "A Pimp Named SlickBack" and this wasn't taken on Halloween.

Finally, My friend & I went to happy hour & this lady was sitting next to us with her friend & Sock Monkey... yes... SOCK MONKEY. Not only was this 50+ year old woman hanging out with Sock Monkey- cuz that's his name- she was having a conversation about the economy with Sock Monkey & made the bartender say "Bye Sock Monkey" when THEY left.



I dunno why this popped into my head but it did... used to be my theme song... seriously, "Babi Phat" was my alias for a year or 2 *shrugs*

De La Soul- Baby Phat

Shout out to Yummy Bingham on the hook


That Must Be Some Good Cake

I dunno why this brought me so much joy but it did & I must share it with you

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The Takeover


WORD-UP! Presents Justin Bieber Mini-Mag

a "Word-Up" dedicated to a White kid?!!! Now I'm not saying it shouldn't happen- just never thought it would.

...and yes- I bought it ... I had too... don't ask

Kudos to you Justin! Any kid that wears Supras is cool with me!


Holy Sex Therapy

I remember as a kid always feeling conflicted on my way to church listening to the radio. Was I wrong for listening to Hip Hop or some baby making R&B on the way to church? Even if it was on the station we always had on in the car.

Well this chick made her decision...if you can get past the rain, socks, & her belly peep the background LMAO