I swear weird sh*t finds me & no one else. I need witnesses to this f*ckery so i snap a pic when I can so I can look at it later to make sure I'm not crazy.

Allow me to share:

I'm in the drive-thru, crackhead looks in window asking for money. I wave him away, he leaves- comes back, bends down & read the plate on this BMW. Thats his blue hat... O_o

I have no clue who this is but he was GETTING IT IN!! I had to stop mid chest press to stare in awe while he finished his reps.

This is the Gecko that comes out every year around this time to torment me. I'm terrified of animals especially the lizardy kind. However, Mr. Gecko doesn't have a fear of people. He chills on the door, window, wherever & when you come near he just stares.
Ladies & Gentlemen: Meet "Gully The Gecko"

This sign is on the wall in the Sheriffs office as they walk out to their patrol cars. Don't ask me HOW I got the picture, just enjoy the picture. YOU'RE WELCOME!!

The Live Action "A Pimp Named SlickBack" and this wasn't taken on Halloween.

Finally, My friend & I went to happy hour & this lady was sitting next to us with her friend & Sock Monkey... yes... SOCK MONKEY. Not only was this 50+ year old woman hanging out with Sock Monkey- cuz that's his name- she was having a conversation about the economy with Sock Monkey & made the bartender say "Bye Sock Monkey" when THEY left.

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