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Review: Repo Men

This movie is chock full of WHAT THE F*CK?!!!

Jude Law and Forrest Whitaker play friends since elementary school who work as Repo Men for The Union. The Union supplies new or refurbished body parts to those in need for an ASStronomincal price. Much like cars or homes, if you miss payments on your body part the Repo Men come to collect. Jude Law is under pressure from his wife to move to the safer sales department while his buddy Forrest Whitaker wants to keep their dreamteam going in the more lucrative repo department.

All is well until the employee becomes a customer. What follows is a trip into the body part black market, complete with blood, guts, a 9 year old surgeon, and the most sensual yet disgusting make-out scene EVER!!!

There's alot of social commentary in this movie if you want to get deep but I dont sooooo....

The movie kept my attention and had me peeking through my hands at points… but I’m skurry! It’s more sci-fi than horror and has a good amount of comedy & romance. The end leaves you wondering and kind of hoping for a sequel.

Bubbz Says: Check it out if you're into Sci-Fi, conspiracy theories, & Wu-Tang Clan- I'd give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Directors Cut Trailer


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