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Maaaan, after we hit 2002 , I never thought I'd get to use this word again. Fast forward to 2010 & everything old is new again!! I'm so sick and tired of people FRONTIN'!! On Twitter posting pix in front of the Louis Vuitton store - IN FRONT! Not in & Not with any damn bags. The Model & Rapper movement?!! CHILE BOO!! (c) OchoCinco . In the club acting stuck up, but right back @ Wal-Mart stocking that good Great Value or back up in the mall selling plastic helicopters @ a kiosk. STTTOOOPPP!! Seriously people, LOVE YOURSELVES!! God has you where you are for a reason, you will get through it- THROUGH it. Accept your position, learn, grow, & move from it! ButChooDontHereMeTho!! Aight, enough preachin'... If you a fronter, this video right chea is what you look & sound like to the rest of us.


*blank stare*

Dont Tell My Mama

The homie Odara over at Lip Gloss Chronicles told me to put my vivid imagination to use & write some porn... I mean... erotic literature. So I did *shrugs* Check it out & tell me what you think Steak & Stilettos Sorry Mom


The homie Don Will , my Aggie brotha & Tanya Morgan lyricist, posted this gem on twitter and ... uuuh... yeeeaaaahhh Sooooooooooo..... Just to clear your mind of that... whatever THAT was here's Tanya Morgan's latest video "Bang + Boogie"

Cut It Out

You are too old for this bullsh*t!!! For her 40-11th birthday, Nick Cannon got his wife, Mariah Carey, a tricked out Porsche SUV in Barbie Pink...ALL OVER!! *rolls eyes* I've worked with Nick a few times, he's a really cool dude, and by "cool dude" I mean ENABLER. Its bad enough Mariah doesn't sing anymore & dresses, like a trailer park teenager most of the time, now he's aiding & abedding her 2nd childhood with THIS!! THIS!! Mariah, you are a record breaking artist, gifted songwriter, & at one time an AMAZING singer. GET IT THE HELL TOGETHER!! Nick is 1/2 your age sporting fine, 3 piece suits, and you should not only be a reflection of your husband but a reflection of the level of success you've achieved. You know what... I cant!! I just.... Now Toni... You DO look FABULOUS and you SERVED in the "Make My Heart" video but a STRIPPER POLE?!!! REALLY?!!! Again, you are 40-11 years old with 2 kids....BOYS at that. Y

This Could Work

They're NOT but if they were it may be a good thing. Fantasia may be the down to earth, key your car type of chick that Ray J needs to get him out of his "playboy" ways...and yes I'm using the term "playboy" lightly cuz... well... hell he's "Brandy's Brother"!! If nothing else, Tasia would be real enough to let Brandy know that her lacefront wig & eyebrows combo is NOT the business and Teeny could drive the Norwood Foundation van instead of Reggie.

When BackShots BackFire

PREFACE: 1st off: You can save that "Hater" you were about to let drop from your Popeye's covered lips. I don't want anyone sacrificing their lives so some aspiring rapper can get his rocks off looking @ a King Magazine & these ladies need to love themselves more than injecting their bodies with stuff that can potentially kill them. Now that we've cleared that up: Pictured with Souljah Boy *sigh* so many bad decisions in life Video... Vix... Ho... Professional Booty Tooter Rosa Acosta revealed to that her recently shorn (look it up) hair is the result of chronic hair loss. "The truth is I cut my hair because my hair is falling out and has been for over a decade and I needed to began my treatments again , “says Rosa . "SheOnly25!!YaHairBeenFallinOutSinceYouWere15&YouGettinButtShotsImplants&Shit!!" Face Now maybe it's me but I'm inclined to believe "treatments" are what caused her ha

I'm A Teefer

and I aint shamed!! LOL I was on the homie Tank's site & came across this hilarious video. Pure GENIUS!! It's really cool that Sade (Shar-Day) was down to do this sade on twss Uploaded by yardie4lifever2 . - Explore international webcam videos.

Raise Ya Hands

If you think JaRule is STILL hot!! ...Figures SMH

Thats Why You Messed Up Now

Cant. Get. Right. Is that a flip phone?!! Tiger's worth a BILLION dollars & he has a damn flip phone?!! I'm so disappointed... AGAIN

Something For The Goons

Everyone's favorite kinda- goon, Plies, dropped the video for his new song "She Got It Made". Since I dont tolerate coonery and 80's soft rock brings da goons out, I decided to treat you to a video of the song Plies sampled. You're Welcome *hugs* Rupert Holmes- Escape(The Pina Colada Song)

Review: Death At A Funeral

Death At A Funeral takes place...well... at a funeral. As usual, when any family gets together deep seeded insecurities & big this case, little ones, are revealed. Aaron (Chris Rock) is trying to give his father a proper home-going while all hell breaks loose in his house. There's his narcissistic, pedophile, big shot brother Ryan (Martin Lawrence), his wife, Michelle (Regina Hall) whose hormones are all a flutter, and his wacked out Brother In Law Oscar (James Marsden)...just to name a few. This movie keeps you guessing, just as things seem settled and calm some other f*ckery breaks out- and believe me when I say this is GRADE A F*CKERY!! Highlights: Frank in the coffin, Getting Oscar off the roof, and Columbus Shorts FINE ASS!! Wheewww ladies... mmm mmm MMMM!!! *This picture has nothing to do with the movie he just looks really, REALLY good in it. YUM! Lowlights: Luke Wilson (The AT&T guy) isn't "The Sexy One" anymore. *sadface B

This Will End Quickly

THANK YOU SWEET BOOTY POP JESUS!! Last week, Nicki Minaj ditched her manager Debrah Antney (Wacka Flacka Mama) and hired P. DIDDY aka PapaDiddyPuff!! *fist pumps* If you know me, you know I consider Nicki Minaj the bane of the female rapper's existence not to mention the whole alot of NOTHING she does to encourage self-confidence in young Black women with her "Barbie" movement. Anywho, while its sure to get tighter in that studio apartment where 112, G-Dep, Day 26, Cheri Dennis, & the other Bad Boy castoffs stay when Ms. Minaj & her Booty Pops arrive, I'm glad her arrival will be soon & VERY soon. Ya'll know how Diddy do ;-)

What Would Kizzy Do?

So this is whats good in Nigeria?!! I have a Nigerian homie who told me that Africans dont like or respect African-Americans and this video explains why. She turns on the sexy right round 2:10 Nigerian actress /singer Judith Mazagwu (Sasha Fierce code name AfroCandy) is taking the world by storm with her wall climbing, vagina thrusting, slow twerking infused single “Ikebe Na Moni.” - Fresh C&D

Trannies Do Telephone

I'm a huge fan of Lady GaGa's "Telephone" video although it did leave me with a bunch of questions. These lovely ladymen answered a few for me and had me crying laughing with this parody. If you cant handle the Trantasticness fast forward to 6:01. I'm still in tears LMAO


I dont know about you but I LOVE MOVIES!! It seems like this month is gonna be a good month for busting $10 and letting your mind wander away for 2 hours First up (4/2) was ... yeah I'm late... "Why Did I Get Married Too?" Although alot of people didnt like it for various reasons, I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were alot of twists and turns, everyone's favorite lunatic Angela, the sexy Lamman Rucker & I mean... hey... its Tyler Perry not Spike Lee... why would you expect so much? *shrugs* Next was "Date Night" (4/9) Im a HUGE fan of Steve Carell & Tina Fey so this movie was already a win for me but just to add a big pile of money to an orgasm Common, Mark Wahlberg, Bill Burr, James Franco, Mila Kunis & Taraji Henson popped up on the screen!! This Friday (4/16) brings us Chris Rocks interpretation of "Death At A Funeral" based on the British movie released in 2007 with the same name. This rendition features a crap ton of o


WACKa Flocka and his momanager Debrah Antney ...Her hair explains everything

Shaunie Vs. Shaq

Last night was the premiere of Shaunie O'Neal's (Shaquille O'Neal's soon to be ex-wife) VH1 reality show "Basketball Wives". 2 of the women are actual wives, 1 is a fiance, 2 are ex-girlfriends, & 1 is a baby mama... but I digress. Shaq decided to produce a show of his own on Ustream ...and it goes a lil somethin' like this: