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I dont know about you but I LOVE MOVIES!! It seems like this month is gonna be a good month for busting $10 and letting your mind wander away for 2 hours

First up
(4/2) was ... yeah I'm late... "Why Did I Get Married Too?"
Although alot of people didnt like it for various reasons, I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were alot of twists and turns, everyone's favorite lunatic Angela, the sexy Lamman Rucker & I mean... hey... its Tyler Perry not Spike Lee... why would you expect so much? *shrugs*

Next was "Date Night" (4/9)
Im a HUGE fan of Steve Carell & Tina Fey so this movie was already a win for me but just to add a big pile of money to an orgasm Common, Mark Wahlberg, Bill Burr, James Franco, Mila Kunis & Taraji Henson popped up on the screen!!

This Friday (4/16) brings us Chris Rocks interpretation of "Death At A Funeral" based on the British movie released in 2007 with the same name. This rendition features a crap ton of our fave comedians & actress. I'm too lazy to type all the names so just watch the trailer

After which, I'll sneak into "The Back-Up Plan"
I like Jennifer Lopez as an actress- not enough to pay for it tho
*Bubbz Shrug*

Finally on April 23rd comes the action packed "The Losers" starring that fine ass Idris Elba...MMMMMMM....Idris Elba.
............... Oh I was posting something right? Yeah "The Losers" comes out on the 23rd. This must be the year of Zoe Saldana. SHE'S EVERYWHERE!! She's one of my favorite actresses so "Do ya thing girl, I aint even mad" (c) JaeMillz

So if you're looking for me I'll be at the movies... middle row, center seat, with a small popcorn, bottle of water, wearing glasses, and Twittering the entire flick. Join me wont you? ;-)


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