Cut It Out

You are too old for this bullsh*t!!!

For her 40-11th birthday, Nick Cannon got his wife, Mariah Carey, a tricked out Porsche SUV in Barbie Pink...ALL OVER!!

*rolls eyes*

I've worked with Nick a few times, he's a really cool dude, and by "cool dude" I mean ENABLER. Its bad enough Mariah doesn't sing anymore & dresses, like a trailer park teenager most of the time, now he's aiding & abedding her 2nd childhood with THIS!! THIS!!

Mariah, you are a record breaking artist, gifted songwriter, & at one time an AMAZING singer. GET IT THE HELL TOGETHER!!

Nick is 1/2 your age sporting fine, 3 piece suits, and you should not only be a reflection of your husband but a reflection of the level of success you've achieved.

You know what... I cant!! I just....

Now Toni... You DO look FABULOUS and you SERVED in the "Make My Heart" video but a STRIPPER POLE?!!!


Again, you are 40-11 years old with 2 kids....BOYS at that. Yeah, it's expression, art, BLAH BLAH BLAH!!


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