Review: Death At A Funeral

Death At A Funeral takes place...well... at a funeral. As usual, when any family gets together deep seeded insecurities & big secrets...in this case, little ones, are revealed.

Aaron (Chris Rock) is trying to give his father a proper home-going while all hell breaks loose in his house. There's his narcissistic, pedophile, big shot brother Ryan (Martin Lawrence), his wife, Michelle (Regina Hall) whose hormones are all a flutter, and his wacked out Brother In Law Oscar (James Marsden)...just to name a few.

This movie keeps you guessing, just as things seem settled and calm some other f*ckery breaks out- and believe me when I say this is GRADE A F*CKERY!!

Highlights: Frank in the coffin, Getting Oscar off the roof, and Columbus Shorts FINE ASS!! Wheewww ladies... mmm mmm MMMM!!!

*This picture has nothing to do with the movie he just looks really, REALLY good in it. YUM!

Lowlights: Luke Wilson (The AT&T guy) isn't "The Sexy One" anymore.

*sadface Bubbz*

4 out of 5 Stars. It's heavy on laughs & family love.

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