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This Will End Quickly


Last week, Nicki Minaj ditched her manager Debrah Antney (Wacka Flacka Mama) and hired P. DIDDY aka PapaDiddyPuff!!

*fist pumps*

If you know me, you know I consider Nicki Minaj the bane of the female rapper's existence not to mention the whole alot of NOTHING she does to encourage self-confidence in young Black women with her "Barbie" movement.

Anywho, while its sure to get tighter in that studio apartment where 112, G-Dep, Day 26, Cheri Dennis, & the other Bad Boy castoffs stay when Ms. Minaj & her Booty Pops arrive, I'm glad her arrival will be soon & VERY soon.

Ya'll know how Diddy do ;-)


  1. Maybe its part of her plot to still Cassie away from Diddy? i.e. Verse from "Lil' Freak" Usher f. Nicki Minaj #imjustsayin...LOL

  2. LMAO!! She'd still have to pay him royalties... Diddy owns dat!


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