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When BackShots BackFire

PREFACE: 1st off: You can save that "Hater" you were about to let drop from your Popeye's covered lips. I don't want anyone sacrificing their lives so some aspiring rapper can get his rocks off looking @ a King Magazine & these ladies need to love themselves more than injecting their bodies with stuff that can potentially kill them.

Now that we've cleared that up:

Pictured with Souljah Boy *sigh* so many bad decisions in life

Video... Vix... Ho... Professional Booty Tooter Rosa Acosta revealed to that her recently shorn (look it up) hair is the result of chronic hair loss.

"The truth is I cut my hair because my hair is falling out and has been for over a decade and I needed to began my treatments again, “says Rosa.

"SheOnly25!!YaHairBeenFallinOutSinceYouWere15&YouGettinButtShotsImplants&Shit!!" Face

Now maybe it's me but I'm inclined to believe "treatments" are what caused her hair to fall out thus causing her to take her weave out.

The most common form of butt injection is Hydrogel, with side effects like inflammation, asymmetry, irregularity, infection, abscess formation, migration, anaphylactic reaction, granule formation, fibrosis, and other problems, I wouldn't be surprised if this has something to do with Ms. Acosta's 10 YEAR condition.

My question is: If you're hair is already falling out why would you put ANYTHING in your body that could make it worse?

Maybe its just me *shrugs*

Well congregation, lets continue to keep Rosa's hair & self-esteem in our prayers at night & I'd like to dedicate this song to her:

And this one too:


  1. If I can have the body, i'll let the hair go

  2. Let her coochie be great! She is Dominican, in her jeans her booty looks regular as hell. Old girl that used to doobie my hair had a crazy booty and I know that was courtesy of nothing more than arroz gandules and roast pork.
    Rosa mentioned being anorexic in her teens and Malnourishment is a bitch with lyme disease armed with a razor.


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