Doing WAAAYYY Too Much

They shoulda never gave ya'll photoshop!!

*Looks @ CarrieYonce*



Bossip.com is reporting that Keyshia Cole's mom dukes Frankie will be a cast member on the new season of "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew". While I am excited, because I know Frankie will provide TONS of crackhead quotes to live by, I'm also disappointed DMX was rejected for this season.

Can you imagine the fuckery level if DMX was on with Frankie?!!

Bieber Or Die

The takeover continues!! #TeamBieber


Trey Songz: Yo Side Of The Bed


In concept & execution! If this doesn't put Tremaine on the map this world is a CERTIFIED sick, sad & twisted place.

Great work by all parties involved including MISS KERI BAYYBEE!!

Yes, I'm #TeamKeri AND WHAT!!

Anywho, enjoy the video & much love & thanks to our troops!


Open For Interpretation

This is the alleged artwork for Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/ Diddy/Sean John/ Sean Comb's new album "Last Train To Paris"

I know what you're trying to do... be all arty & deep & shit...however, you're not that PUFF!! You are "take that, take that" & "gonna make you dance" with an elementary school robot flow!! Just be that... we're not buying this album anyway...


NOW it makes sense, you know its gonna go double toothbrush bristle so you just had Cassie walk in Penn Station & snap a pic with her Razr (cuz we know the OTHER Dirty Money chick is taking up all of Sidehawk's budget).


Damn, Diddz... maybe you are deep after all

Confirmed & Spermed

Their people called People's people and FINALLY admitted what we've already known- Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz are engaged & expecting.

Swizz has a son with his previous wife...wait... are they OFFICIALLY divorced yet?!- Mashonda & is rumored to have an unclaimed kid overseas.

While I am a firm believer in Alicia Keys being a lesbian & this being the Black version of Tom & Katie gone horribly wrong, I wish them the best.

*ALL KINDS of Judging Them*



"Empire State of Mind" Spoof

Thank God I'm from North Brunswick! We don't have these issues LMAO



Happy Birthday!!

Christopher George LaTore Wallace

A few years ago I had the privilege & honor of interviewing Biggie's mother, Voletta Wallace.

Check it out:


Movie Revue: Just Wright

Bubbz Revue: Just Wright from Cristal Bubblin on Vimeo.

Damn, my hair was actin' up!

Earrings by Melody Eh$ani

Shoutout to DJ Dimepiece for the Joe Buddens Mp3



Thats what I call it!!

This just looks like some...



*walks away*

Idris Elba & 9th Wonder: Hold On

2 of my favorite men in the universe came together for this one and I dig it.

Hell, Idris could kick babies in the stomach for a living & I'd dig it

...With his fine ass!!


Idris Elba


wait.. I was posting something...

oh yeah this here song produced by the homie
9th Wonder

KING DRIIS - HOLD ON from Pricefilms on Vimeo.

Randoms 2.0

I swear weird sh*t finds me & no one else. I need witnesses to this f*ckery so i snap a pic when I can so I can look at it later to make sure I'm not crazy.

I wasn't an actual witness to this my homie shared this with us via Twitter. Those are not breasts thats her BACK!!

"... and boobs on her back for slow dancing"- Al Bundy

This was parked across from me at Wal-Mart.
Dirty foot muhf*kka!!

This is NOT what Michelle Obama meant by beating childhood obesity people!!

When eharmony fails- ADVERTISE!

I'm writing a letter & someone's getting fired!!

Someone's going to hell for this layout

Thats what SHE Said!!

No Sir

If you know me, you know I'm about all things Ludacris

*whispers* Except Battle Of The Sexes

I interned @ Hot 107.9 (it was 97.5 back then) in Atlanta back when he was Chris Lova Lova & he is such a great dude I'm totally bias in favor of just about anything he does.

Now Luda has his own brand of Cognac- thats "Yak" to all you 5 star bitches & gangstAs- more poison in our community aside... I support him.

However, pics like this:


Luda, is a renaissance man... a King of all media if you will... HE'S GOT AN OSCAR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

I need him to not be posing with a bottle like he's at a
"Welcome Home from Jail Tayquan" Barbeque.

Please stop Mr. Bridges & Thank you in advance.

Flag On The Play

Reagan Gomez- Preston (Zaria from The ParentHood) had a birthday party for her 3 year old daughter Scarlett complete with balloons, birthday hats, & shredded leggings... Wait... what did I just type?!!

Who comes to a child's birthday party looking like they just left the pole @ Magic City?!! I dunno if this is her sister, cousin, best friend or whomever but this is a definite VIOLATION!!

I'm not even gonna trip that THIS is the company Reagan keeps but I didn't get cast in her movie, all I'm saying is she needs better friends.


UPDATE: I just noticed this heffas bra is out & the whole nine!!



Jason DeRulo performed @ 102.7 KIISFM's WangoTango Sunday Night looking all kinds of pretty butch MANLY

*side-eyes myself*

I really try with this kid .... really I do! I dug "Whatcha Say" and even when he tanked on Wendy Williams I was still pulling for him but he is reeeeaaallly trying me with his skinny jeans, make up, & Grown ass man face... I know his ass is @ least 32 playing 19.

You're not fooling me buddy!!

Neither is your Fashion Fair foundation!!


I'm In Love

Roc Nation & Skull Candy have come together for a new line of headphones.

I like the brown ones & my birthday is June 24th

... just so ya know

Spotted @ FlyStyleLife

Rick Ross Beard

Everytime I see Ross, I think about this conversation:

Laycia: I like Rick Ross
Laycia: George's uncle lives on the same block as him
cristalbubblin: Word em up
cristalbubblin: I like ross' beard
Laycia: Lol

cristalbubblin: It looks comfy

cristalbubblin: Like new carpet

Laycia: Lmfao!
cristalbubblin: I just wanna nap on his chin

Laycia: Everytime we see him George says he looks like he stinks
Laycia: Lmao
cristalbubblin: I'm gonna put that part of our convo on myspace
cristalbubblin: That's true
cristalbubblin: And I think he has a lazy eye

Laycia: Which part?

Laycia: Lmfao!

cristalbubblin: True @ stinks

Laycia: Hahahaahhahaah
Laycia: Lmfao!
Laycia: Hahahaah

cristalbubblin: I still wanna take a nap on his beard

cristalbubblin: Or wear it like a coat

Laycia: Lmao

Laycia: Lmfao @ nap on his beard

cristalbubblin: It looks like an allergen free patch of grass

Laycia: Lmfao! Haahhahahaahhaah

cristalbubblin: I bet he's got all kinds of goodies in it

Laycia: Omfg lmao!

Laycia: Lmao
ristalbubblin: Candy, soda, alfredo sauce

cristalbubblin: My dad is buried in his beard

Laycia: Lmao

cristalbubblin: Take a right @ the lettuce

cristalbubblin: We should build some houses in his beard
cristalbubblin: Like that map on the opening of weeds
cristalbubblin: With all the little houses
Laycia: Wow

Laycia: lol

cristalbubblin: I'm sayin tho

cristalbubblin: Rick Ross beard is prime real estate
cristalbubblin: Its nicely manicured

Laycia: Lmao!

Laycia: Aahahahahahahahahah

cristalbubblin: It would be a nice community

Laycia: Oh man

cristalbubblin: It looks quiet

Laycia: I'm lol so hard

cristalbubblin: Unless the feds find out

cristalbubblin: Me too and I'm in a restaurant

cristalbubblin: By myself

Laycia: lol

cristalbubblin: The waiter is looking @ me like wtf???
cristalbubblin: When I lay down tonight
cristalbubblin: I shall dream of rick ross beard

Laycia: Lmao

Laycia: Lmfao!
Laycia: Hahahahaahahahha

Laycia: It looks plush

cristalbubblin: He should start a line of fur coats

Laycia: Like u would bounce back

cristalbubblin: With his beard hair

cristalbubblin: EXACTLY

cristalbubblin: Like it would support your body like those mattresses

Laycia: Pillow top

Laycia: Lmao

cristalbubblin: That u can jump on and ur partner won't feel it
Laycia: Lmfao
Cristalbubblin: Like tiny little strong fingers gently holding you up
cristalbubblin: As if to say
cristalbubblin: You are safe in ross' beard my child

Laycia: Lmfao!

Ya'll Aint SH*T!!

So... ya'll just gonna sit here & act like this is okay?

Like nothing is wrong with this at all

Ya'll just gonna act like cameltoe inducing sweatpants & grandma stilettos is whats hot in the streets?

Not one of you "Lambs" or members of her "Glam Squad" is gonna say ANYTHING?!!!


Nick, I think you're a good dude but you are definitely an enabler.

I'm gonna file for conservationistness -or whatever it is that Britney Spears daddy has- for Mariah, she is obviously losing her mind... AGAIN... and no one loves her enough to hold her hand and guide her through this bout of insanity.


Chicken George

A.K.A Kobe Bean Bryant in LA Times Magazine


This is why LeBron is MVP AGAIN!