No Sir

If you know me, you know I'm about all things Ludacris

*whispers* Except Battle Of The Sexes

I interned @ Hot 107.9 (it was 97.5 back then) in Atlanta back when he was Chris Lova Lova & he is such a great dude I'm totally bias in favor of just about anything he does.

Now Luda has his own brand of Cognac- thats "Yak" to all you 5 star bitches & gangstAs- more poison in our community aside... I support him.

However, pics like this:


Luda, is a renaissance man... a King of all media if you will... HE'S GOT AN OSCAR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

I need him to not be posing with a bottle like he's at a
"Welcome Home from Jail Tayquan" Barbeque.

Please stop Mr. Bridges & Thank you in advance.

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