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Rick Ross Beard

Everytime I see Ross, I think about this conversation:

Laycia: I like Rick Ross
Laycia: George's uncle lives on the same block as him
cristalbubblin: Word em up
cristalbubblin: I like ross' beard
Laycia: Lol

cristalbubblin: It looks comfy

cristalbubblin: Like new carpet

Laycia: Lmfao!
cristalbubblin: I just wanna nap on his chin

Laycia: Everytime we see him George says he looks like he stinks
Laycia: Lmao
cristalbubblin: I'm gonna put that part of our convo on myspace
cristalbubblin: That's true
cristalbubblin: And I think he has a lazy eye

Laycia: Which part?

Laycia: Lmfao!

cristalbubblin: True @ stinks

Laycia: Hahahaahhahaah
Laycia: Lmfao!
Laycia: Hahahaah

cristalbubblin: I still wanna take a nap on his beard

cristalbubblin: Or wear it like a coat

Laycia: Lmao

Laycia: Lmfao @ nap on his beard

cristalbubblin: It looks like an allergen free patch of grass

Laycia: Lmfao! Haahhahahaahhaah

cristalbubblin: I bet he's got all kinds of goodies in it

Laycia: Omfg lmao!

Laycia: Lmao
ristalbubblin: Candy, soda, alfredo sauce

cristalbubblin: My dad is buried in his beard

Laycia: Lmao

cristalbubblin: Take a right @ the lettuce

cristalbubblin: We should build some houses in his beard
cristalbubblin: Like that map on the opening of weeds
cristalbubblin: With all the little houses
Laycia: Wow

Laycia: lol

cristalbubblin: I'm sayin tho

cristalbubblin: Rick Ross beard is prime real estate
cristalbubblin: Its nicely manicured

Laycia: Lmao!

Laycia: Aahahahahahahahahah

cristalbubblin: It would be a nice community

Laycia: Oh man

cristalbubblin: It looks quiet

Laycia: I'm lol so hard

cristalbubblin: Unless the feds find out

cristalbubblin: Me too and I'm in a restaurant

cristalbubblin: By myself

Laycia: lol

cristalbubblin: The waiter is looking @ me like wtf???
cristalbubblin: When I lay down tonight
cristalbubblin: I shall dream of rick ross beard

Laycia: Lmao

Laycia: Lmfao!
Laycia: Hahahahaahahahha

Laycia: It looks plush

cristalbubblin: He should start a line of fur coats

Laycia: Like u would bounce back

cristalbubblin: With his beard hair

cristalbubblin: EXACTLY

cristalbubblin: Like it would support your body like those mattresses

Laycia: Pillow top

Laycia: Lmao

cristalbubblin: That u can jump on and ur partner won't feel it
Laycia: Lmfao
Cristalbubblin: Like tiny little strong fingers gently holding you up
cristalbubblin: As if to say
cristalbubblin: You are safe in ross' beard my child

Laycia: Lmfao!


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