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2010 Road Trip Day 1

If you know me, you know my situation... If you dont, long story short- I've been unemployed for about a year & a half so I'm cutting my losses & moving back home... at 32 years old *sigh* I don't feel bad, since almost 20% of the country is unemployed & Texas' unemployment rate is 8% ALONE.

Anywho, I will attempt (because unemployment makes you lazy) to chronicle my journey home & the beginning of this new chapter in my life so here is Day 1:

Yesterday, I turned in my keys to my apartment & after spending 3 days moving by myself basically, I decided to treat myself to a night at a nice hotel so I could sleep well & be refreshed & RET TA GO in the morning.

I settled in at Aloft after a nice hot shower & my final meal in Houston from one of my favorite spots- Thai Gourmet. I woke up around 4:30 am - yeah I know- got my stuff together & left around 7 am. Since I had 5 bags I went downstairs & got a luggage cart loaded it up and made my way to the 3rd floor of the parking deck where I THOUGHT my car was parked... yeaah... I was soooo wrong and found out the hard way.

I got off the elevator, which is enclosed "for safety" of course and went outside to look for my car- letting the door shut behind me. Once I realized I was on the wrong floor I turn around only to see the sign that says "room key needed for entry". Since I was checking out, I had left my room key in my room- on the 8th floor. I walked down the 3 floors of the parking deck- 92 degrees 100% humidity - to the main entrance so I can get on the elevator.

When the elevator doors open, I straddle my legs to keep the elevator open & grab the luggage cart but alas the cart is a good 2 feet out of my reach. I realize that I can grab the cart really quick & hop on the elevator- my realization was soooooo off. As I get hold of the cart & swing it around 2 bags go flying off, one of them containing my laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get the bags back on the cart only to watch the elevator doors close which - of course- will only open with that room key which is still in my room on the 8th floor, so again I have to walk down the 3 floors of the parking deck- 92 degrees 100% humidity to my car WITH the packed luggage cart pulling me down the whole way.

I made it to the car sweaty but unscathed and begin my trek to Birmingham, Alabama. Somewhere along the way, I get really tired, then start getting hot, then cold, then hot again, then sleepy, then cold. This change of atmosphere is reeeaaally messing with my timeline of this 11 hour drive. I've arrived at my destination only to realize, I have a damn fever!!!

Maaannn... I'm going to soak in a tub Day 2 will probably suck so I'll get back to ya'll on Day 3 *sigh*


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