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I Give Up!!

If you know me, you know I am a hip hop head that has ALWAYS been #TeamFoxy. Through her trials (personal & legal) & tribulations, I've been on the sidelines cheering her on. NO MAS!! I wash my hands of her now... I'm done ...through...FINISHED!!! #GirlBYE



Epic & Complete #FAIL

Is it just me or does Natalie Nunn always look like a hooker? I'm not being facetious, this broad always looks like she's selling ass in an alley somewhere & she ALWAYS wears those damn shades!! Do you have another pair? You've done it to death & we're SOOOO over them and you. Trina, once again, YOU LOSE! Rihanna did it first & better... "Ya life is played out like Kwame & them fuckin' polka dots" - The Notorious B.I.G

Next on Lifetime

Kourtney looks adorable, Scott looks like a woman beater... as usual My advice to Kourtney: KNEE, ELBOW, FIST!!!

Dat New New

Shawn Merrimon got himself a new girlfriend... isnt this the dude that allegedly choked out Tila Tequila? Bet he wont try it with Becky... she looks kinda skrong!

Black Love

Morris Chestnut & his wife Pam have been together for a good while. Its good to see a beautiful, Black, couple working in Hollywood! I love it!!!! ...wait... are those Sketchers Shape-Ups?!! Cmon Pam... u gotta do better than that

Bubbz Road Trip: Atlanta

The Lake Behind My Hotel Sear's Portrait Studio Style @ Wet Willies with @d3f3lo, @msxavib, & @britneyfrancis... We so kuuuyuute! What Ya Gonna Do When The Marta Police Come For You? There's a TV in da water!! After I smashed the ladies in bowling LOL As you see my arms are too short for a group pic, so we got the waitress involved LOL @StylzUniq, @Odara112, @BritneyFrancis That 103 belongs to meeeee!! While Odara was bowling I ate her nachos... they were good too Its shaky but that 2nd line with the three digit # is my score, the other too will remain blurred to protect those who suck at bowling *whispers* Odara & Yo


Lindsay Lohan (Parent Trap, Mean Girls) was sentenced to 90 days in jail & 90 days in rehab for violating her probation. Oh and she's on probation because of a DUI. Some see this as a chance for Lindsay to clean up her act & get to the top of her game- notice I didnt say back, because she never was on top... of anything... except maybe a pile of cocaine.. ... I digress... IMO, Lindsay has already won. She hasn't had this much press since she got the DUI & with the world (at least Hollywood) standing at attention she put on a rousing performance. When her innocent & heartbroken routine didnt translate to the judge she flipped to the tough gal in this chick flick called her life. Nails with "FUCK U" airbrushed on them in court? Classy & pure out GENIUS! I hope the voting members of SAG & the Oscar academy were watching. Me, myself, personally- I will miss Linz while she is away. Now that Britney Spears is sober & has