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Bubbz Road Trip: Birmingham

After my 8 hour drive, I took a WONDIFERUS bubble bath @ Mary's house, got better, & had a BALL in Birmingham. Being my hostess has a job, we kept it pretty lowkey during the week, the highlights being Mary's ear-candling

& this seafood restaurant with lobster buzzers

until it attacked me :-(

I introduced Mary to Bikram Yoga. I think she'll be back ;-)

Friday night, I met up with my brotha from anotha motha CJ Da Sticman & he introduced me to Flaming Dr. Pepper shots which were FUCKIN AWESOME!!

Oh but Saturday night, WE SHOWED OUT!! We went to Martini's for their all- white party & no we didn't wear all white tho, its not flattering for us thicker figures. Nonetheless, we had a blast! I got to meet one of my fave twitterers Pasocca & met a few more people to follow. I always learn something new when I go to Alabama, I had sushi & a martini there for the first time. What I learned at Martini's is when you order & Vodka & Pineapple you get 32 ounces of DANCE ALL NIGHT!!

I had to step away from my drink for a few... So just to be safe

After a few sips I was feeling sessi

& that Goose had me loose!

P jumped on the speaker showin how da Ham gets down

P & Mizz Zion

Heeeey Fella!

Blame it on da....

We planned on going to another club but when we got there it was shut doowwwn!!

Daaaah well *shrugs* We still got 2 pictures :-D

Tameca, Mizz Kat, & CJ

Of course, after the club the #1 destination in the south

Waffle House got mad flavas yo!

So many options for so little money :-D

We had such a good time so you know Sunday was a WRAP!! Monday, I packed up my car & made my way to the "A" - Atlanta, Georgia!!

Stay Tuned...

Disclaimer: Some names have been changed to protect the employed. This change has not effected the outcome of the rockin good time I had in Birmingham.


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