Lindsay Lohan (Parent Trap, Mean Girls) was sentenced to 90 days in jail & 90 days in rehab for violating her probation. Oh and she's on probation because of a DUI. Some see this as a chance for Lindsay to clean up her act & get to the top of her game- notice I didnt say back, because she never was on top...

of anything...

except maybe a pile of cocaine..

... I digress...

IMO, Lindsay has already won. She hasn't had this much press since she got the DUI & with the world (at least Hollywood) standing at attention she put on a rousing performance.

When her innocent & heartbroken routine didnt translate to the judge she flipped to the tough gal in this chick flick called her life.

Nails with "FUCK U" airbrushed on them in court? Classy & pure out GENIUS!

I hope the voting members of SAG & the Oscar academy were watching.

Me, myself, personally- I will miss Linz while she is away. Now that Britney Spears is sober & has been harnessed by her pappy, who will provide us white trash trailer park antics?

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