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Jazmine Sullivan: Holding You Down

THIS SH*T RIGHT HERE!!! THIS SH*T RIGHT HERE!! THIS MY JAM!! Of course, the beat is familiar, I love Jazmine's voice, & we can all relate to dating someone who aint sh*t over & over again. I dig the throwback feel to the video but I'm pretty sure neither Nuvo or Jasmine were around in 1989 because I WAS!! LOL I digress... Shout out to Pete Rock & Sandy "Pepa" Denton for the cameos & Melody Ehsani who's jewelry is all up & through this video. Let a sista hold summin Mel ;-)

Facebook A.D.


Everyone else is fully clothed in their movie premiere Easter suit & this dude 1/2 naked flexin' looking like a Gorillaptorsaurus Rex!! WHY?!!

Word of The Day: Stylist

noun - a person who puts a bunch of ugly patterns, colors, or clothes together, swears its "fashiony" & convinces you to wear it in public. Today's Victims: Chris Brown & Rocsi Beyonce We're used to seeing Rocsi looking way off & Beyonce's mother has been dressing her in tacky for years, so this is normal to her. I'm just gonna chalk Chris Browns fashion faux pas to the fact his ex used to beat him mercilessly about the head & he has a penis... penis carriers have always been touched in the head.

Bringing Light SkinT Back

...yes... skinT!!! El Debarge left us in awe at this years BET awards... the good "awe" not the "what the f*ck are you humping the piano for" awe like Alicia Keys. He was also featured in the BET Music Matters where he sang 37 seconds of a new song. I'm not sure if this was it but dammit I LOVE IT! Maybe I'm just hypnotized by his good hair but El has still got it.