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La Musica

I'm having a blast with my bestie in Spain. Sun, Sangria, & the music kicks ASS!! We only get MTV Germany for a few hours per day but unlike MTV in America THEY ACTUALLY SHOW VIDEOS!! I thought I'd share with you a few that I'm really diggin'. In My Bed - Amy Winehouse Yeah, its old but I've never seen it in America ... ohhh look how clean Amy looks #PoLilTinkTink   I Need A Dollar- Aloe Bacc Ok, I've seen this video in the states but he doesn't get the shine he deserves. D'Esole- Sexion D'assaut This one is in French and they show it at least 6 times a day & I love it even tho I had NO idea what they were saying. I got the translation for you after the jump. Ninja- Die Antwoord Tamara was ASSAULTED by this video in the middle of the night. It cracks me up dude is SO SERIOUS!!