Suai- Power (No One Man)

I had the pleasure of meeting this young lady last year. She is UBER talented as well as beautiful. Here is her take on Kanye West's "Power"


...Fellas check it out too :-D

Girls Gone Sangria


La Musica

I'm having a blast with my bestie in Spain. Sun, Sangria, & the music kicks ASS!!
We only get MTV Germany for a few hours per day but unlike MTV in America THEY ACTUALLY SHOW VIDEOS!!

I thought I'd share with you a few that I'm really diggin'.

In My Bed - Amy Winehouse
Yeah, its old but I've never seen it in America
... ohhh look how clean Amy looks #PoLilTinkTink


I Need A Dollar- Aloe Bacc
Ok, I've seen this video in the states but he doesn't get the shine he deserves.

D'Esole- Sexion D'assaut
This one is in French and they show it at least 6 times a day & I love it even tho I had NO idea what they were saying. I got the translation for you after the jump.

Ninja- Die Antwoord
Tamara was ASSAULTED by this video in the middle of the night. It cracks me up dude is SO SERIOUS!!


Eat, Pray, Bubbz


Bubblin' with Freekey Zekey

Thanks to Mad Vlad & BP Entertainment