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  This combo has disaster written AAAALLL over it!!  WacKa Flaka & Suge Knight

Pretty Big News

Recently, I accepted a job.  They sent me an "employee agreement" & a Non-Compete that I had my lawyer review & we both had some questions & concerns, I detailed those concerns in an email & had a phone call with them about it- no anger or anything, I just wanted some clarification. We had spoken mainly via email & I interviewed by iChat from Spain, however, they only wanted to talk on the phone to answer my questions, nothing via email because that would be IN WRITING . They basically told me to take it the way it was or leave it. I told them I needed to think about it & I'd let them know by the end of the week.  Today, I received an email saying they were withdrawing their offer, to which I say DEUCES!!       I have every right to protect myself & ask questions. I have 14 years of experience with high ratings & I know my worth- unemployed or not. As they said, "we weren't a good match" -funny thing is, I knew th

Just Lazy

Thats me!  I haven't post any updates about my Spain trip because a) I'm lazy & b) I'm back in America. We decided to cut the trip short & come home seeing as how their recession is worse than ours and the US government issued a warning for Americans to "not act American" in the presence of possible terrorists.  Thanks Shep We're back in the states & I have some pretty big news coming up. In the meantime, I'm going to PUSH (and by "push" I mean if I wake up before 3pm) myself to post the rest of the video I have & some pics- most are already on Facebook tho.  Preeshate ya!!  Bubbz!