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Pretty Big News

Recently, I accepted a job. 

They sent me an "employee agreement" & a Non-Compete that I had my lawyer review & we both had some questions & concerns, I detailed those concerns in an email & had a phone call with them about it- no anger or anything, I just wanted some clarification. We had spoken mainly via email & I interviewed by iChat from Spain, however, they only wanted to talk on the phone to answer my questions, nothing via email because that would be IN WRITING. They basically told me to take it the way it was or leave it. I told them I needed to think about it & I'd let them know by the end of the week. 

Today, I received an email saying they were withdrawing their offer, to which I say DEUCES!!    

I have every right to protect myself & ask questions. I have 14 years of experience with high ratings & I know my worth- unemployed or not. As they said, "we weren't a good match" -funny thing is, I knew that when I saw the station signed on, when my homeboy told me about it, when my mentor called me, aaaand when they said they didn't "do" contracts. 

Moral of the story- Trust your instincts. 

As for the no contract thing... Anything u sign IS A CONTRACT! As long as you do what you're told its not a problem, but the FIRST time u think about going off THEIR course they will throw it in your face. "You signed this" "why did u sign if u didn't agree" and then you're stuck! ESPECIALLY if you're a woman.

Ladies- Handle Your Business!! I haven't always but I won't stop now that I started- FOR ANYONE! Get a lawyer & don't be afraid to ask questions & address concerns. You have every right to have a full understanding of your duties, rewards, & penalties in any business situation.

Again, I'm not angry or upset. I prayed for clarity about the situation last night because it just didn't feel right & I'm in awe & excited by how & how fast God works. I'm so grateful to my mentor for thinking of me, for that station taking the time to interview me, & God for resolving the situation. I'm very happy actually, its a ton of weight off my shoulders!

With that being said, anyone hiring? My unemployment ran out & a sista needs a job! These fill-ins & pedicures aint free...


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