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You Never Know

Today I'll be starting a seasonal job at a retail store. After a college degree & 12 years working in my field, I'll be working part-time in a retail store.

I'm not mad or embarrassed, I'm actually excited.

When you've been out of work, no savings, not knowing where your next dime was coming from ANYTHING is an opportunity. For me everything is a learning experience, I've wondered about the inner workings of this particular store since I was a kid & now I get to find out.

God IS good.

Seasonal. Part-Time. Retail.

Last night, I saw a woman who used to work at my mom's hair salon. She'll tell you that what started on her career path was my mom telling her to write a press release, she said she didn't know how, my mom... being my mom ... said "you'll figure it out", and left her to do just that.

Mind you this was in the time BEFORE Google when NOTHING was easy to find on the "Super highway"

This woman is now married, with 2 beautiful kids, and launching a weekly TV series with a national cable channel. Her finances are together & she's making steady income. While I'm remembering days when she used to force me to do my homework & trying to figure out how to get my life together, she says:

"I'm inspired by YOU"

Part time. Seasonal. Retail.


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