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Yeah so I've been M.I.A - more M.I.A. than usual I know. I'm down in Charlotte working on a TV show for TruTV. We are auditioning like crazy and if you are in the area we'd love to have you come audition with us! All roles are paid if you get hired! Just send your Name, Age, phone #, and 2 pictures (they don't have to be professional) to and we'll get you on the schedule. Oh, don't come with any funny, stalker stuff - you will get handled! See you soon! Yeaaaah soooooo... I've terminated that contract :-D  Back to the couch I go!

What's Missing From This Photo?

And I don't mean singing ability, although...

Its Bound To Happen

Rihanna is the only one with a style left to steal ... or Ke$ha.... Naaaaah

#NJALLDAY - "Black & Guido"

Vinny from Jersey Shore does his part for race relations with his remake of Wiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow"

Couples We Don't Care About

OchoCinco & Evelyn Lozada had lunch Nick Cannon bought Mariah Carey a Rolls Royce for Christmas     Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom announced their new reality show This mess is still going on

Tiny Does T.I. In Prison

That sounds... I mean it happened but ...  Ok so Tiny- T.I.'s wife not a big hairy man with an ironic nickname- went to see her prison prone husband & got a little touchy feeling in the visiting room.  While inmates are allowed to hug & kiss their loved ones at the beginning & end of visits, Tameka took it to a HONUVALEVA and gave the Kang's thang hand hugs in rapid succession. Unfortunately, for Tip's testes the couple was caught & TI was sent to a higher security area where he can't make calls or have visitors.    While I commend Tiny for trying to help a brotha out, she makes some really bad decisions behind this dude. She constantly risks getting herself locked up to please him. Who's gonna raise the babies if both of them are in the clink?

I Aint Heard Of That

Slim Thugg aka The Muthafuckin BOSS apparently hasn't heard of Eharmony & has been trolling Craigslist looking for some lady lovin.  Ooooh but the nipple shot tho... THE NIPPLE SHOT!! LMAO Thugga set this up while tweeting about doing it & it made all the big urban blogs, so the jokes on us riiiiiiiight?  I wonder what happened to his butt nekkid boothang he tweeted & was flaunting all around Houston last year? You aint got to front for us Slim, we know thugs get lonely too.

Guess Who's Back

LINDSAY LOHAN!!!  You know the old saying: Everytime a rapper goes to jail & white girl leaves rehab! In Lindsay's case it took TWO . Lindsay Lohan has left California’s Betty Ford Center after 90 days of treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. The 24-year-old underwent court-ordered treatment at the rehab center after violating probation several times for a 2007 driving under the influence conviction. It was unclear where Lohan was headed when she left the treatment center early yesterday. She is due back in court for a progress hearing February 25th.  


Jill Marie Jones is 35 today  *side eye* Toni Childs know she lyin' The Beehive Turns 50!    A 92-year-old Illinois woman credited with creating the beehive hairdo is being honored on the 50th anniversary of the style. Margaret Vinci Heldt of Elmhurst is being honored by SmithBucklin Services, manager of trade association Cosmetologists Chicago, for her 1961 creation, which she said was inspired by a hat she owned at the time. Paul Dykstra, vice president of SmithBucklin Services, said the beehive ‘do “revolutionized styling and created a decade-long fashion trend.” Dykstra said the trade association has created a scholarship in Heldt’s name to commemorate her contribution to the world of hairstyles.  

Is It That Bad?

Kelly Rowland was partying in Vegas with her store bought titties out. Now Kelly is far from broke & had a couple - and I mean TWO- hit records last year, so what is this about? Kelly, I need you to get it together, get it in a studio with a good team behind you, & get an album out.  DO NOT sign to Bad Boy or Cash Money... I know you've been thinking about it but DON'T!!

Peace Out!

But you just got here! You're only 2 albums & a few features in!   ..."Smoking Gun" is my shit! ... Conspiracy Theories anyone?  Maybe J. Sulli is pulling a Dave Chapelle... Maybe her label told her to lose weight... Maybe she doesn't have anymore "violence against men" songs to write because men think she's psycho and won't date her anymore.  *Shrugs*  Whatever the case maybe, you'll be missed Jaz, just don't take too long.  You aint Beyonce!

The End of Twitter Beef: is a platform for people to resolve disputes via crowdsourced voting. The site has launched a revenue sharing program awarding winners of posted arguments gift cards with values directly proportional to the amount the argument garners in advertising for the winning side.  The loser of the argument gets nothing. uses the old adage "there are two sides to every story." Advertisers can place ads below each side of posted arguments. Once the voting time period has ended and the world has made their decision, the side with the most votes receives monetary credits which are redeemed for gift cards to popular restaurants and retail outlets, with future options for PayPal and Facebook credits.