Tiny Does T.I. In Prison

That sounds... I mean it happened but ... 

Ok so Tiny- T.I.'s wife not a big hairy man with an ironic nickname- went to see her prison prone husband & got a little touchy feeling in the visiting room. 

While inmates are allowed to hug & kiss their loved ones at the beginning & end of visits, Tameka took it to a HONUVALEVA and gave the Kang's thang hand hugs in rapid succession. Unfortunately, for Tip's testes the couple was caught & TI was sent to a higher security area where he can't make calls or have visitors. 


While I commend Tiny for trying to help a brotha out, she makes some really bad decisions behind this dude. She constantly risks getting herself locked up to please him. Who's gonna raise the babies if both of them are in the clink?

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