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I Can't Rock Witcha on This

Bobby V & Bobby Brown got together to update Brown's classic "Rock Witcha".  Who deemed this necessary? Why is Bobby V STILL singing through his nose? Why is he still singing period.  Yeah, I'm ignoring the fact that Bobby Brown sounds like he smoked a box of cigars because that's what crack will do to you so... 2112244922 Uploaded by yardie4lifever2 . - Explore international webcam videos.

Remy Leans Back...Into Her Cell

New York's top court decided to keep Remy Ma in the pokey for shooting a friend she accused of stealing $3000 out of her purse. The Court of Appeals rejected arguments that a judge didn't properly inform jurors before they rendered a guilty verdict. Remy will serve 8 years in prison for criminal possession of a weapon and two counts of assault.

The KJ Show

My fellow A&T Alum KJ Carson asked me to be a part of his show and I said YES! Check us out!  The KJ Show #126                                             Big shout out to DJ Mano !!

The Power of No!!

Bubbz: The Cake Boss

CSI Bubbz: Rihanna's Half-Time Performance

I usually REFUSE to blog about Rihanna but a LOT of people were asking what happened with her performance at the NBA 2011 All-Star Game. 

Katy Perry Karaoke

Katy Perry is the opening act for Kylie Minogue's World Tour. During the opening show Katy had a little fun covering Rihanna, Jay-Z, & Willow Smith.  Now I dig the "Only Girl" & "Whip My Hair Cover" but what was with the "YO" & BlackCent before she went into "Big Pimpin'"?!! I wish the caucasian persuasion would cut that shit out.