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While having a convo with a friend about shoes, he interrupts with a sidebar and THIS is what happened: Darrin: Have u ever wondered where the parents of the Sour Patch Kids are? All these years they have been orphaned. Bubbz: What about those poor Garbage Pail Kids? Their parents literally threw them away! Darrin: Cabbage Patch Kids...their parents prolly turned into spinach Bubbz: Their parents were cabbage Darrin: We don't know that Bubbz: Yes we do they came out of the cabbage Darrin: Not true! It could have been evolution   Bubbz: No it says on the box they came from the cabbage  Darrin: I need proof!!! For Darrin and the rest of you wondering, heeere ya go! 

Where It At Yo?

In LA... I know I know... I'm soooooo random! Once again, I've been blessed with a job opportunity and it's taken me across the country to LALA Land :-)  Yes, I drove and Yes, I've got video.. bare with me ya'll & Thanks for checking in! LA Gears