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Bubbz Reviews: The Help

Last night, I attended a screening of Dreamworks new movie "The Help". The movie is based on Kathryn Stockett's book of the same name and tells the story of Black maids working in White households in 1960's Jackson, Mississippi.  Abilene (Viola Davis) & Minny (Octavia Spencer), the maids, were easy to relate to even if you weren't raised in the 60s. Skeeter (Emma Stone) didn't play the typical "White girl helping the poor Black folks". Her motive was to establish herself as a writer and when consequences for that success arose she didn't abandon the ones who helped her, she stood and fought with them. Hilly (Bryce Dallas Howard) is a southern bell & socialite determined to keep her community as lily white as possible & truly ignorant of how much "The Help" do to keep her relevant.  And I cried... ooooh I cried like a baby!  There were some great one liners that are sure to take over Twitter when it opens August 10th. B

Respect Due: Khia

I keep trying to tell you hoes! Khia got classic... just one... but still!!  At lease this chick recognizes a Queen when she hears one!! 

Girl NO!

Teyana Taylor, please report to the back of the class with this shit right here? Princess Leia wants her buns back and Kunta Kinte did not get whipped so you could use the ropes that once held him captive as an accessory.  Show some damn respect!

Trouble In Paradise???

Body language can speak VOLUMES. If you had to guess, what would Alicia Key's perturbed expression and Swizz Beatz fake smile say?

Extreme Couponing: A $300K house for $16!!!

Thanks to a little-known provision in state law, enterprising Texan Kenneth Robinson -- either a hero or a squatter, depending on your point of view -- has taken possession of a foreclosed $300,000 house for a mere $16. That's the amount he forked over to file a claim of "adverse possession" of the property with the Denton County courthouse. Robinson contends that the abandoned house is his for the taking, since neither the original owner nor the bank is likely to go to the trouble or expense of kicking him out. If he can manage to stay in the property for three years, he says, the law grants him the right to petition the court for title to the house.                                        From AOL

Destiny's Child Reunion Update

Kelly, Michelle, & Beyonce sit down and hash out the details.

Drastic Measures

Sometimes life gets hard ... Sometimes people are not who you think they are ... When this happens you must take action to protect yourself...   ...and your Facebook friends.

In Case You Were Wondering...

Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher are here to give you some advice on life Oh...

The #Struggle 4 Relevance

King B *yawns* released her video for "Best Thing I Never Had" and the web is a flame with praise. But here's the thing... 1) This really sounds like a bitter bitch anthem- Lamenting on how glad you are the dude you were in love with "blew it" is just... backwards. Maybe she & Drake can get a BOGO with a therapist to help them get over it...  2) If she "never had" him, how could he blow it? Obviously, she was into dude because she's singing about how much she loved him and he hurt her ... this is making my head hurt... 3) Beyonce in LINGERIE!!! Like... wait... WHAT?!! This is the leader of the Creole Ladies Auxillary club! You can't be writhing around in your unmentionables like that Bey... BEY!! I understand this album is a flop for an artist of Beyonce's caliber, I just don't think running around in her draws is going to change the game. She's got 4 singles out & 2 videos from an album with 10 tracks. At this point

Damn Son! Literally

Bryson Bryant aka NeNe Leake's bad ass son got popped yesterday for boostin' out of a convenience store. *Blank DAMN Stare* Bryson spent the night in the clink after getting arrested around 9pm last night. He's being held for shoplifting and already has a probation violation from getting busted with marijuana last year.  Oddly enough, Nene hasn't made a comment about this but she just tweeted: "My day just got started off wrong! Damn."