The #Struggle 4 Relevance

King B *yawns* released her video for "Best Thing I Never Had" and the web is a flame with praise.

But here's the thing...

1) This really sounds like a bitter bitch anthem- Lamenting on how glad you are the dude you were in love with "blew it" is just... backwards. Maybe she & Drake can get a BOGO with a therapist to help them get over it... 

2) If she "never had" him, how could he blow it? Obviously, she was into dude because she's singing about how much she loved him and he hurt her ... this is making my head hurt...

3) Beyonce in LINGERIE!!! Like... wait... WHAT?!! This is the leader of the Creole Ladies Auxillary club! You can't be writhing around in your unmentionables like that Bey... BEY!!

I understand this album is a flop for an artist of Beyonce's caliber, I just don't think running around in her draws is going to change the game. She's got 4 singles out & 2 videos from an album with 10 tracks. At this point, cut your losses and executive produce another movie so you can star in it.

And let the blond hair go...please!

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