Rest In Power: Heavy D

Last night, I went to see "Tower Heist" and much to my delight Heavy D makes a cameo as a security guard. I instantly felt butterflies in my stomach as if I was 13 again watching the "Now That We Found Love" video for the first time. His performance on the BET awards had me jumping on the bed in my hotel room screaming every word. I apologize to the folks in the room below me but it was HEAVY VONDIDDLEE DIDDLEE DIDDLEE DEE!! For some reason, Heavy D always made me smile. He had an amazing energy & charm about him even without me ever having met him. 

Throughout the rest of the movie I thought, "Look how far Heavy D has come, from Hip Hop to movies grossing MILLIONS". It made me proud and honored to have spent many an allowance payment on his tapes... yes... cassette tapes. The songs, Sprite commercials, TV appearances, movies... *Sigh*

Dwight Arrington Myers, you were the best to do it. Thank you for the music, memories, and butterflies <3 

Heavy D - Long Distance Girlfriend / NEW by PeteRock

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