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Sh*t President Obama Says

I know I know I know... but they keep coming and it's funny! Plus, I stan for Barack! 

Whats In Rihanna's Bag?

AAAAAAND GO! The78MsJ: A short whip, baby oil, incense, weed, lace crotch less panties, pasties, and some magnums and some Hennessy... Oh and I forgot the most important piece the handcuffs duh Younggee : Loud...WEED not the album- & Vibrators VeteranEye :   Breezy's voodoo doll, a tupperware container of some curry chicken n rice, 3 tampons, and a Ziggy Marley cassette single. TioG: bag of weed, papers, and lighters, a billy club for Breezy's girlfriend, poom poom shorts, thong SonnyDave : Chris Brown's Career  DeviDev : Dildo's and lube   

For The Record...

Party With The Cast Of Pik N' Roll

Which includes MEEE!!!   The Cast of Pik N Roll @ Tiato's Golden Globes Afterparty I've been cast on the new show "Pik N Roll" and we want you to celebrate the Giant's victory (YEAH I SAID IT) at the SUPERBOWL!!  Come and party with the cast of the new hit show: ‘Pik N Roll’ for Super Bowl XLVI on February 5th in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood. Transportation, food, and alcohol included. Price of Ticket: $100 before February 2, 2012; $125 after February 2nd. Questions, please e-mail Lee at: Hope you can make it! 


WELCOME TO THUNDERDOME BITCHES!!!  Ok.. so when the game between the San Franciso 49'ers and The New York Giants went into overtime I found myself caring about football. While I am not REALLY into it, I always root for the home team and I was born in NEW FAWKIN YORK sooooo... Congratulations G-Men!  You guys played your hearts out now let's get that CHAMPIONSHIP... AGAIN!!!

Shit Wookies Say

The "Shit ______ Say" videos have run amuck!! Hopefully, people watching them are examining some of the things they say that could be deemed offensive or ignorant and are doing something to change that.  I digress... This BY FAR is the best of the BEST!! Chewbacca has always been one of my role models and now we get his take on life, love, racism, & politics.

Eat Grits With Jesus

And He will say "well done" ...Amen!!