Whats In Rihanna's Bag?


The78MsJ: A short whip, baby oil, incense, weed, lace crotch less panties, pasties, and some magnums and some Hennessy...Oh and I forgot the most important piece the handcuffs duh

Younggee: Loud...WEED not the album- & Vibrators

VeteranEye:  Breezy's voodoo doll, a tupperware container of some curry chicken n rice, 3 tampons, and a Ziggy Marley cassette single.

TioG: bag of weed, papers, and lighters, a billy club for Breezy's girlfriend, poom poom shorts, thong

SonnyDave: Chris Brown's Career 

DeviDev: Dildo's and lube 

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