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Cristal Bubblin Performs At The Second City in Hollywood

Pick N Roll: Episode 6

HOORAAH!! HOORAAAH!!  The Episode of "Pick N Roll" starring MEEEEEE is finally here!  Ohhh... that guy? That's Chidi - my co-star. It's STRICTLY business people!! ...He is fahn tho...

Regular Black Babies: GET YOU ONE!!

I've often wondered why people only seem to adopt Black children from other countries like America's Black kids aren't worthy. Hellooooo... American Black Kids became people like Martin Luther King, Jr., President Barack Obama, Oprah, & ME!!!!! My school The Second City addresses the issue in this HILARIOUS video!  Shout out to my teacher Megan who plays the 2nd mom! 

Cant. Stop. LAUGHING! Katy Perry Edition

"This is about to get real embarrassing.." Ya don't say Katydid?! The Madame of Mormons rocked a Yankee fitted on her mission to do her best Jay-Z rendition. Ironically, she came off as fish in a pool of sharks- LISTEN! Sorry... #HovMoment... I Digress... While the crowd seems excited when the beat drops they leave her hanging when she tries to include them in the performance  AND IT CRACKS ME UP!! One question Kate: WHY?!! 

Bubbz The Comedian

I have been SOOOOO terrified of doing stand up comedy. I kept avoiding it & putting it off even though a lot of people think I could be great. Well, my friend Christian kept on me to come to the LEGEND Garrett Morris' Comedy Club and do a set during their Open Mic night AND I DID!! It felt great! I've got a long way to go but I'm so inspired by this first step. Check me out!

Bubbz & Basketball

The Cast of Pick N Roll At Tialto's Golden Globes Afterparty So remember I had told ya'll I was cast in a TV show... well it's in previews on the web. Get into the first 2 episodes HERE Make sure you like & subscribe on Youtube and like the Facebook page  Pick N Roll Facebook