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TV One's #VersesAndFlow Presented By Lexus

I had the pleasure of attending the taping of 2 episodes of TVOne's "Verses And Flow" hosted by the very handsome Omari Hardwick (For Colored Girls, Sparkle)     The show features spoken word artists and a performance from a some of our favorite artists. Tonight's highlights included a powerful piece called "The System" by Prentice Powell , Megan Falley 's touching and eye-opening poem about depression, and a 2 man piece by Miles Hodges & Carvens Lissaint. The piece that resonated the most with me was "Born" by Storm Thomas. Thomas is a transgendered male and his poem was about what it is like to be Black and transgendered in America.   "Being Black in America mean s trusting your rapist more than you trust the police " That line punched me in the chest and had me clutching my inhaler!  The Performances Anthony Hamilton is not only a great singer and entertainer, he is a wonderful human b