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Zombie Apocalypse: NEVER Hit A Woman

Zombie Apocalypse  Starring  Cristal Bubblin  Chance Harlem Jr.  Khaliel Abooboo Troy Curvey

#Empire ReCAP IN DAT AZZ (Full Video)

EMPIRE is back TONIGHT!!  Since you never got around to binge watching Season 1.  The homies and I got together and re-created AWWWWWLLL 13 EPISODES FOR YOUUUUUU!!! Written By Tammi Mac & Cristal Bubblin Starring  Tammi Mac as Cookie Tobyus Green as Lucious  Cristal Bubblin as Portia SHARE IT WITH AWWWWL YOUR FRIENDS!


If you live under a rock and missed Season 1 of Empire, Groundlings Alumna & KJLH Radio Personality Tammi Mac has you covered! Check out the trailer for Empire: Re-CAP IN DAT AZZ Co-written by and featuring myself as Portia! Full Episode coming this weekend. Make sure you subscribe to TammiMacTV & CristalBubblin on Youtube so you don't miss it!! Please LIKE, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE. Thank you!!

TRANSBLACK Tutorial: The Dolezal Method

My First Hair Tutorial

This #TeamNatural Life aint no punk!  Here's a video to help you stay stylin'!!

How Girls Really Talk: The Binge


I'm not allergic to PEANUTS NO MORE!!! Join me in my celebration!! 

Big Tings For TMI!!



Water or Wine With Megan A. Weaver

Last week I sat down and chopped it up with 2 of my favorite people- Megan A. Weaver & Jack Daniels. I waxed poetic on Life, Love, & Entertainment... ... Or just rambled like a drunken fool...  Either way, check out the interview.


Swear  Fo  GAWD!!! I am OBSESSED with this app! In my downtime between auditioning or acting for pay I use this app to keep my improv skills fresh and practice my facial expressions. OR I just get entirely too excited when I do one of these and wind up doing six because I am chronically unemployed... ... Whatevs..


This weekend I had the honor of working on a future hit webseries "#11".  Written and Directed by Tynesha Williams Starring Myself and JQ Cole  We had a blast on set! Here are some pics. 

This Is 50

Lenny Kravitz  Born May 26, 1964 Dear Roxie & Sy, THANK YOU A LOT OF SO VERY MUCHES!!! Sincerely, The Ladies Of The Universe